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Cramnet stands for Cognitive Radio Assisted Mobile NETwork. The main purpose of cramnet is to recycle the unused and underused spectrum for novel cause like sharing the basic and essential internet content for free and also allowing free internet access to a limited number of users. Cognitive Radio Systems has so far been verified at the research level and only recently some companies have realized it practically. Due to the fact that any investment into Cognitive Radio Systems might not guarantee a rightful return of investment, many industry giants are still waiting for clarity on the opportunistic usage of the spectrum for unlicensed communication. However many other companies are already having prototypes to display their expertise.
Instead of building a Cognitive Radio Network for monetary profit, Cramnet aims to build a network that can be profited by the not so fortunate people who are cut off from the digitized world and bringing them in par with the so called internet aware community and hence providing them access to all the good things of a digitally connected world.