About India

Digitization brings transparency. Transparency is the key to true governance. True governance is the key to a prosperous and developed nation. This is possible only when all the citizens are part of the digital system. It is not a surprising fact that 2/3rd of our citizens are not part of this system. It is the responsibility of the other 1/3rd citizens to build a bridge to this digital void and eliminate digital illiteracy.

  1. Purpose
  2. About India
  3. About Bengaluru
  4. Health
  5. Study
  6. Emergency
  7. Fundamental rights
  8. police 
  9. Environment
  10. Maps
  11. Transport and safety
  12. Child and women protection
  13. wikipedia
  14. google
  15. facebook
  16. job
  17. tax
  18. messenger
  19. library
  20. market - govt authorized dealers
  21. farming help
  22. help line
  23. UID and bank account
  24. Entrepreneurship
  25. Create own website
  26. respond to survey
  27. Ebola guide lines
  28. What to do in case of rrism